In a dystopian future characterized both by the unimaginable technological advancements of humankind and the oppression of a tyrannical governmental regime known as Antonym – humanoids from a distant galaxy who have taken over the earth – players fight for the abandoned technological relics on the Island of Trinity, a place where survival has become a goal in itself.

Nemesis Downfall is the first ever blockchain based first-person-shooter video game that allows players to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
Nemesis Downfall will let players participate in a cutting-edge, PVP death match & Battle Royale game featuring the most interesting elements from the leading games of the genre – Fortnite, Warzone, etc. – as well as novel concepts of our own.


We are building Nemesis Downfall but have already started gathering mercenaries for the very first Fall on Trinity Island.

Community members will be the only ones to have a chance at wining $NMSIS tokens and exclusive NFT before the launch of the game.

Join us on our socials or quest on our Zealy Questboard to get involved in our community of strong Nemesis Downfall Enthusiasts.


Report Vol.4

Lots of exciting things have happened on Trinity Island while we were busy developing. Here is a quick recap, and a few hints on

Zealy Community

Zealy (previously Crew3) is a community platform where people can get involved in project communities and be rewarded for it.

Nemesis x Liberty

Liberty Gaming welcomes Nemesis Downfall into its portfolio of Play-to-earn games. Sharing our vision of the future of P2E gaming