The Blockchain economy is blooming

We think the Blockchain and Crypto sector is on the verge of experiencing one of the fastest growth we’ve ever seen. It has already started. Blockchain is nothing less than one of the most important disruptive technology of this century.
We started working with BC projects a few years ago and came to the conclusion that while the scene has become very accessible to everyone, most often projects lack structure and organisation.
We often encountered project creators with the best ideas but little to no way of actually implementing them and getting them visible to a broader audience. Most of them would get bogged down with technical details and have their priorities messed up.
Coming from an engineering project management background, we understood that this happened because traditional project management is unable to keep up with the pace of this market. We also understood that while having the basic understanding of the BC & Crypto sector, most creators came from a different background and lacked both the codes of crypto communications and marketing and the required networks.

We created GS Advisory to help them fill these gaps.

We’re here to help

We provide tailored advising on a broad spectrum of aspects to assist you launching, or simply developing your project and products.
Every project has different goals, different needs. We adapt. Based on our experience, we advise you and your teams to havoid unwise spending, time loss and stumbles. We work at your pace.

All of that requires us to build trust and have flawless communications with our partners. We provide advising, ideas and methodology, and you decide to what extent you implement them.
When we estimate together that the fields you required assistance with are on track, we progressively disengage from any active tasks (deliverable production, marketing and coms), transferring them back to your people. We remain available for advices and punctual missions.

We are used to working on many different tools and software for project management, content creation, social media management etc. We help you deploy the tools you need or make the most of the ones you have.

They worked with us


After a few years since 2017 spent apprehending the blockchain technology and crypto markets, I started participating in various projects, as a community enthusiast at first. I then went on to leverage my experience in project management and communications to provide projects with advice and direct Communication & Marketing manpower.


Crypto wizard for many years, Ā«GogoteĀ» has been busy working for many early projects, helping them grow, attract investors and increase their visibility. Acting as such, I enabled many small and unknown projects to emerge or appeal in the midst of an evolving ecosystem, leading to major interests such as buyouts of projects and / or the investment of significant capital through a network of trust.